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  • Like to pray for our staff holding #respite4troubledyouth camp this w'end. For more on Respite Camps read here:

    Lutanda - Disadvantaged youth - Another of our core mission focuses is...
    Our heartbeat is serving the community; school-aged children, youth at risk, those living with disabilities and young people in need.
  • Lutanda camps in their own right are an amazing opportunity for children and young adults to meet new friends, learn essential life-skills and just have a ton of fun, but our respite camps add an even bigger opportunity for the youth that attend these camps and the parents or carers that send them.

    The health, safety and well being of our children should be one of the most important concerns of a community, and whilst the parents and carers are responsible for this aspect, the community as a whole is responsible for the protection of these children from abuse and neglect.

    The effects of abuse and neglect to a child can be devastating and life altering, and sadly we have seen so many of these disadvantaged youth come through our campsites. We say sad because of their circumstances, but we are happy that they have us to turn to.

    This leads into the 3 reasons why Respite Camps are an essential part of a thriving community;

    Read more here:

    3 Reasons and 3 ways to help Community Respite Camps
    Reasons why Respite Camps are an essential part of a stable community, and what we can do to support their functions within it.
  • Hello Friends!!

    If you have served in any capacity at Lutanda during 2014 then we would love you to come along to our Thank You dinner on the 4th of December!

    Please see the invite for details! And THANK YOU for making 2014 our best year yet! See you on the 4th!